This is Etinour

At Etinour, we believe that good oral health is a cornerstone of overall wellbeing. Our goal is not only to provide exceptional products, but also to inspire people to improve their daily habits. By creating healthier and more enjoyable oral care routines, we believe we can help improve the lives of our customers, one smile at a time.

"We empower individuals to create lifelong habits that improve their health"

Oral Care = Disease Prevention

Your oral health is essential to your physical and mental wellbeing. When you neglect it, you leave yourself at risk of serious health issues. Poor oral health can contribute to infections, inflammation and periodontitis, which in turn can lead to diseases like heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. However, you have the power to prevent all this with an effective oral hygiene routine.



Our values

At Etinour, we strive to do our part in creating a more sustainable future. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in every aspect of our business, from the ingredients we use to the way we package and deliver our products. We're also proud to say that our products are vegan and not tested on animals. Join us in the journey towards a healthier, happier, and more sustainable future.


Our packaging

To limit our footprint on our planet, we are selective in the packaging we use. Unlike traditional oral care products, our packaging is completely recyclable, such as our mono-material toothpaste tubes. Additionally, we use paper-based materials for our packaging and packing, which are all recyclable and often made from recycled materials. Our goal is to make it easy for our customers to make eco-friendly choices.

The Science

Accessing the experts

We want you to access the highest quality oral care, and we do this by partnering with world leading dentists and chemists to develop formulas with scientifically proven ingredients. Their expertise will also guide you to advance your oral care practices.

Meet the founders

Our Story

We're Agnes and Emma, and we share a love for effective, beautiful, and sustainable wellness products. After spending years in the cosmetics and beauty industry, we noticed that oral care was often overlooked, uninspiring and found ourselves asking "what's actually in this stuff?".

We started researching and quickly discovered how crucial oral health is to overall wellness, yet nobody was talking about it! We decided to develop products that cut out the irritating and unnecessary ingredients (such as SLS/SLES) and instead included the highest quality ingredients to perfect oral care formulas that improve your smile and oral health.

Our mission is to help you prioritize your oral health and feel good about the products you use.