Essential Whitening Toothpaste

150 kr

Our award winning toothpaste has been developed by dentists to proactively improve your oral health. It whitens your teeth up to three shades in two weeks*. Enjoy the smooth flavor of Green Mint. Contains 75 ml.

  • Gently whitens: PAP
  • Rebuilds enamel: Hydroxyapatite
  • Cavity and plaque protection: Sodium fluoride
  • Desensitizes: Potassium nitrate
  • Hydrates: Hyaluronic acid and Jojoba oil
  • Freshens breath: Zinc acetate
  • pH control and ultra fine polishing: White charcoal
  • After one use: Significant whitening improvement
  • After first week: >80% see whitening results
  • After two weeks: up to three shades whiter (for some more)
  • After four weeks: average of four shades whiter or more
  • Sensitivity: 0% (actually reduced)
  • Breath: significantly fresher for 8 hours

When we measure shades, we always use the standardized VITA scale 

Dentist approved
Not tested on animals
100% recyclable

Leaves your teeth and mouth feeling fresher. Nice herbal minty flavour.

Looks better, tastes better and gives you a better feeling in your mouth.

Clever subscription. Good flavour. Bonus for sustainability. Keeps you wanting more!

Sweden's premium oral health brand.

Etinour approved

At Etinour we develop our products with dental care professionals and customers. Our community makes sure they're effective, safe and loved - always Etinour approved!

The Formula

The Formula

Science-backed ingredients for optimal effectiveness

Multi-functional to cover all your needs

Kind to you, and the planet

The Feeling

The Feeling

Luxurious, silky smooth formula

Creamy lather for incredible clean feeling

Moisturizing and exceptional hydration

The Flavor

The Flavor

Exquisite taste of our crafted toothpaste

Sophisticated blend of green mint

Refreshing sensation without stinging

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews


Filip Grunewald

Essential Whitening Toothpaste

Amanda Ternstedt
Fräsch & snygg!

Gillar den fräscha smaken & trots att inte tandkrämen löddrar lika mycket som jag är van vid så känns det inte som den ”försvinner” vilket andra tandkrämer som inte löddrar har en tendens att göra. Plus för den snygga förpackningen också!

Like this toothpaste!

After two uses it feels clean and fresh, I have also noticed a slight whitening effect, and I like the texture of the paste.

Yen Nhi Huynh
Amazing toothpaste

I love how fresh but mild this toothpaste is, it has the fresh and minty taste that you look for in toothpaste but without being overbearing. I can also see some results of the whitening. Overall, it is a great toothpaste!