Essential Toothbrush Duo Kit

100 kr

This kit contains: 2 Essential Toothbrushes

If you brush your teeth two times per day, we recommend a subscription every 3rd month. If you brush your teeth more often, we recommend every 2nd or every month.

  • Plant materials: eco-friendly
  • Soft and slim bristles: gentle and effective clean
  • Small brush head: effortless reach
  • Minimal design: keep out as bathroom accessory
  • 100% recyclable packaging: recycle as paper
Dentist approved
Reduced plastic
Recyclable packaging

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Essential Whitening Toothpaste

Out of stock

Leaves your teeth and mouth feeling fresher. Nice herbal minty flavour.

The bristles are wonderfully soft, softer than on any toothbrush I've ever used.

Clever subscription. Good flavour. Bonus for sustainability. Keeps you wanting more!

Sweden's premium oral health brand.

Etinour approved

At Etinour we develop our products with dental care professionals and customers. Our community makes sure they're effective, safe and loved - always Etinour approved!

Why subscribe?

1. Dentists' orders

Change toothbrush every 2-3 months

2. Bacteria buildup

Leading to infections and bad breath

3. Burnt out bristles

Less effective clean and gum irritation 

4. Proactive care

Strong teeth prevent damage and staining

The Eco Hero

The Eco Hero

Wheat straw renewable source

By-product that benefits farmers

Gluten free

The Effect

The Effect

Helps remove plaque

Quick dry bristles and hygienic handle

Tapered bristles for optimal gum health

The Experience

The Experience

Soft but sturdy bristles

Small brush head to reach everywhere

Comfortable handle

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Finaste tandborsten!

Älskar färgen! Riktigt bra tandborste.

Amanda Svarfvar
Så stilrena!

Älskar att det nu finns tandborstar som är sköna att borsta med men även väldigt snygga!

Hendrika Wiersma

Perfect toothpaste, happy brush.